Using the e-book

This book has some functionality unique to the online (as opposed to the PDF) version, accessed using the toolbar along the top of the window. From left to right, the icons have the following use:

  • — Hide/show the table of contents
  • — Search within the text of the book
  • — Change font size, font face, and toggle dark mode
  • — View the source file of the current chapter on GitHub1
  • — Download a PDF version of this book (multiple formats are available)

The online version also has the accompanying lecture videos embedded from YouTube. These videos are hidden by default, but can be shown by clicking on the title next to the icon, wherever one appears. The order of the videos generally differs from that of the written notes, so we have made our best efforts to include them in an order which makes sense relative to the chapters here. For those wishing to really get familiar with this subject, we recommend separately watching the lecture videos following the order in the linked playlist.

You will also see the icon in certain places. Clicking on these will display one of the technical asides mentioned in the introduction.

If a hyperlink has the icon after it, then it points to a webpage outside this book; otherwise it is an internal link to another section within this book.

There are also some keyboard shortcuts:

  • jump between sections with and
  • toggle the table of contents with s
  • open the search bar with f, step through results with Enter, and stop searching with Esc

  1. The GitHub-savvy of you can use this to create issues pointing out typos, mistakes, etc.↩︎